YeneSetota Ethiopian first online Gift Shop!

Our Story

Our journey began in 2021

YeneSetota is an online gift shop where anyone can buy unique gift. Buyers can  easily access a large gift shop store simply by using their mobile phone, laptop, desktop or tablet and get free delivery to their doorsteps in 72 hrs. It also hosts any event for its customers:

  • Surprise events
  • Birthday events
  • Weeding events
  • Sad day events and so on…..

It is currently administered by YeneTech (a technology company). YeneSetota launches its first version in Jan 07-2021.

 We are an internet based commercial platform which is easy to access on desktop and mobile through our application, telegram channel/bot or simply by typing into your browser any one can visit and shop on our website. It makes it easy and simple to select the appropriate gift for your beloved one. It is very effective and efficient for users who need a variety and quality products.

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